3 Effective Ways to Boost the Sales Funnel Using the Right CRM Solution

When you are selling any service or any product, if you come up with a sales funnel, you can successfully boost the conversion rates in your business. How does ‘sales funnel’ help to augment sales? Well, it strengthens the relationship between your business and your potential customers. It is more like a visual metaphor. If you want to optimise this funnel, you would need to make sure that your business processes are transparent, especially the processes in the sales department. Features like automatic dialing along with the CTI (Computer telephony integration) solutions, which provides seamless integration with the existing CRM solutions can cater your business to boost its effectiveness, efficiency as well as business insights.

#1 Effectiveness

Existence of an ideal sales funnel is almost a myth. However, your sales team has to make the most out of the available resources and has to make sure that they can use each opportunity to boost the business conversion rates. With the help of an efficient CTI solution, you can not only create a call list but can effortlessly prioritise it as well. You can make this call list based on the informative CRM data. This is an easy way to create a segment and to target such contacts that can become your potential customers. How competitive today’s business market is not unknown to you! In this scenario, setting your focus on the most lucrative prospects would help you to maximise and to use the resources properly for the desirable and the best possible business returns.

Practice makes things perfect! Well, in the sales field, there is no exception. Usually, the CTI solutions record all the calls, which go through the installed software. Now, the benefit is that you can listen to all the calls made or attended by the sales representatives. This would help you to understand the loopholes and to pinpoint the rooms, where you need improvements. According to this report, you can arrange for necessary training that can improve the effectiveness of the sales funnel.

#2 Efficiency

Before starting with this point, think of the situation what is the total number of calls that the sales team makes and receives. Moreover, think how much time it needs to arrange and manage the tasks, to train the sales representatives, to move the potential leads through proper sales pipeline along with managing other important duties. Not to forget, consider the time your sales representatives need to dial each phone numbers.

According to a statistical report, 8% of the total sales representatives bring almost 80% of the total sales. Hence, you have to make sure that your entire sales team is potent enough to give their full efforts. So, instead of wasting time on trivial things like dialing the phone numbers, utilising that time to do research is crucial. CTI solutions offer facility of ‘click-to-call’ offering the representatives more time to concentrate on the analysing potential prospects.

Moreover, having such CTI solutions, which provides seamless integration with the existing CRM solutions can cater you by allowing you to access the customer data effortlessly.

#3 Insight

This is beyond any doubt that insightful data drives fruitful action. Hence, if you improve the quality as well as the volume of the information that you need to offer to the management, making business-driven strategies along with taking game-changing business decisions become easier for the management. Here are some smart ways using which most of the CTI solutions facilitate such crucial decision-making tasks.

  • Offering Real-Time Insights with a Single Click

If you could get detailed real-time insights smoothly, gauging performance of the team, analysing which strategies are efficiently working and which are not would become easier. A potent ERP solution can cater you with such facility resulting in improved business prospects.

  • Simplifying all the Historical Reporting

Using the impressive reporting tools that come with an efficient CRM solution, you can get a better insight into the business processes. There is no need to switch between multiple systems repetitively to pull out the reports that are available on multiple databases.

  • Streamline the Performance Analysis

To reach the business goal, performance analysis or evaluation is crucial. This becomes smoother using a CTI solution integrated with the CRM system.

So, these were some cogent and tactful ways to boost the sales funnel of your business.