Don’t Be a Slave to Orange Barrels and Traffic Tie-Ups: Your Summer Home Is a Quick Flight Away

You leave work early on Friday in hopes of pulling up your driveway before 11:00 pm. Yes, the weekend drive to your summer home. The ritual performed weekly by you and so many other business owners each summer in Michigan.

Your trip comes complete with construction slow-downs, traffic tie-ups, accidents and all topped off with a fast food dinner while your family awaits your arrival following their week of summer fun and relaxation. You’re hoping for just over a day of Michigan “up north” fun before reversing course and heading home on Sunday afternoon. Too bad it’s not a holiday weekend where one extra day is offset by an even longer commute. It’s so worth it to be in the most beautiful place known to man.

What if you could squeak out just one extra day each weekend and eliminate the stress that leaves you exhausted before your weekend even begins, and returns before you start the following week of work when you should be refreshed. That’s ten more days of summer… like an extra two week vacation! Imagine how much more effectively you’ll perform at work when you’re refreshed and invigorated each Monday, and actually looking forward not only to each weekend, but actually anticipating the commute there and back?

You observe with envy as some of your neighbors have already taken to the aviation lifestyle and have even found ways to edge out their business competitors while shaving thousands off their tax bill. You’ve heard this, you know this, but for some reason, you just haven’t acted.

Think airplane ownership is too complicated? You own your boat.. don’t you?

Don’t have time for the training? Consider hiring a personal flight instructor who can double as a personal pilot.

Not sure where to start? An aircraft sales professional can not only help you identify the best airplane, but can also help you with your long term airplane ownership strategy to meet your needs both now and in the future as your mission and experience evolve. He or she can also point you to the best aviation specialists to help you structure your purchase and take advantage of any tax savings available to you as well as the proper insurance coverage and optimal financing.

Yes, pilots and aircraft owners are an exclusive group, but only because of the misconceptions that prevent people from exploring the option of general aviation for personal and business transportation.

If you’re not ready to pick up the phone and call someone, why not just show up at one of the many open houses, fly-ins or air shows that are scheduled all summer long. Grab a friend, and enjoy a hot dog while looking at airplanes, chatting with pilots and flight instructors and just listening to their stories. They’re a friendly bunch and will make you feel right at home… really!

You may even get the urge to take your first flight lesson where you’ll actually take the controls and lift your plane off the runway with your experienced certified flight instructor at your side.

So think about this on Friday as you travel up I-75 once again… perhaps for the last time! Once you arrive, hug the family and relax!.