Help Guide To Stay Comfy On A Business Trip

Experienced road warriors will know that planning and preparation are what allow a traveler to stay comfy on a business trip. For example, travelers carry all kinds of cards but only the experienced ones know that it’s important to carry cash too. Most also have a travel kit that includes all kinds of pills – for sleeping, jet-lag, muscle pains, upset stomachs, etc. There are a hundred other things like this that one usually only learns the hard way.

Planning & Booking: Putting together a travel plan is no cake walk either, what with thousands of online travel sites providing so many choices and different rates. The best way to deal with it is to plan and book early. Keep it flexible to deal with issues like bad weather, missed connections and meetings that overshoot the schedule.

Lodging: For companies large enough to have a travel management company take care of the bookings as per company regulations, lodging or flights aren’t that much of an issue. But when the traveler is expected to make decisions, there are all kinds of things to be considered when choosing a place to stay. If the traveler is a member of a specific company’s loyalty club, then the first preference has to be given to that company’s properties.

Businessmen on the road usually need very specific and business friendly hotels. For example, suites are preferred over rooms and the location has to be close to the airport and the meeting place. The hotel needs to have a business center, meeting space and high speed internet (wired and wireless). Inside the room, there should an ergonomic chair and work desk.

Many are even opting for serviced apartment rentals in a resort type complex with plenty of common-use facilities like a pool, gym, restaurant, etc. Paid for by the week, or even rented by the company annually, it makes for a very cheap deal compared to paying hotels by the night. Besides, the space and facilities available in a furnished apartment are better than a hotel.

Flights: As for the flights, there’s a good reason why there’s a business class. It is meant to allow executives to travel in comfort and style while the common public slum it out in coach. To take it one step further, some companies provide their top executives with private jets.

Wardrobe: One big part of being comfortable on the road is the wardrobe. Executives on the road need to pack based on the destination, the weather, and the purpose of the trip. For example, the kind of wardrobe required for a retreat or conference in Hawaii or Las Vegas will be vastly different from the wardrobe required for a meeting with a business partner in New York or London.

Travel Gear & Apps: Travel is now a high-tech affair, and travelers are expected to be kitted out with everything from the latest motorized baggage to water purifiers, universal chargers and laptops. More importantly, a smart phone with all kinds of apps is a must-have. It allows the traveler to stay comfy on a business trip by providing information on everything from flight delays, nearby restaurants to comfort accommodation for example Mississauga furnished apartment and friends on social networks who may in the same area.