Common Problems With Micro Switches

It can be debated that micro switches have certainly increased the reliability of electrical appliances and thereby elevated the demand of these switches among manufacturers over the years. In order to meet this demand, many suppliers have entered the market because of which variety has also enhanced. Since the supply is rising with the increasing number of sellers in the market, you need to be cautious while opting for the right quality switch, especially if you are having a little or no knowledge about them.

This technology plays a significant role in upgrading the quality of a device by offering satisfaction to users. Because of its crucial role, it can affect the performance of any device if it becomes dysfunctional or does not work properly. Although this technology has been improving day by day, you must be aware of the possible problems that you can face while dealing with these switches. Let’s discuss each of these problems which you can come across in detail.


Depreciation is a factor which is very common among technologies and equipment. Irrespective of the quality, it is necessary to understand that these switches have some life of its durability. After this period, their performance starts getting weaker and weaker. Before it makes your device dysfunctional, it is better to replace the switch if considerable time has elapsed and it has started to wear out.

Poor Quality

As we have discussed earlier that there are many switches available in the market and you will find different classes and ranges of these switches. This is rather nullifying the purpose of this invention as suppliers are supplying inferior quality of switches to attract small manufacturers and other intermediaries. Therefore, research work is very important before going out for the purchase.

Internal burning / Sparking

Sometimes, switches are burnt internally mainly because of the voltage fluctuations. This is common for household products and can be very dangerous, as it can bring down the appliance to nothing. This can also lead to sparks both internally and externally and can cause damage to the property around along with the equipment in which it is installed. While encountering such situation, it is advisable to turn the power supply off before taking any other remedial action.

Auto Switching On/Off

This is one of the most common problems with switches. You are using a device and, all of a sudden, it gets stuck or keeps restarting. The possible cause of this behavior could be that a switch has stopped working. If you are experiencing a similar issue, it is better that you consult the manufacturer or a professional to diagnose the issue related to switches.

So, these were some problems that you may face while making use of a micro switch. They can be tackled with possible reflexes exhibited above. It is also essential to avoid holding back in case you observe something similar happening around you. You should get it checked and repaired at the right time, which might help you in avoiding a lot of monetary and physical losses.