Top Tips on How to Create an Online Modeling Profile

An attractive modeling profile.

This article has been written for any kind of models: plus size models, alternative models, fashion models, senior models, etc. Nowadays having a physical modeling portfolio is a must, but also creating your online modeling profiles is necessary to enhance to possibilities of getting selected for modeling jobs. The main idea is to guide you on how to create the perfect online modeling profile. These ideas works for all the available website giving models the opportunity to upload their pictures, videos and information. Please check and understand the tips I’m providing you on how to develop that perfect modeling profile that will call the attention of clients, photographers and agencies.

1) Good quality pictures only please.

The first thing clients, photographers and agencies check when they see a model profile is the quality of the pictures. If they notice the quality of the first pictures is below the average, they just won’t continue looking the rest of your profile and you’ll lose job modeling opportunities. Forget about posting the pictures you take with your smart phone, most of the times the quality of these are medium to bad quality. In the occasion, you own a good camera or maybe a relative or a friends of yours, don’t think twice on using it. Pictures taking during daylight and in your natural look are very easy to take. Try to keep it as simple as possible, thus a plain background will do the job.

2) Your face must be shown.

Forget about taking pictures wearing sunglasses or where your face is not visible. If clients or agencies cannot see your face, they just won’t take you into consideration. What you can do is take a portrait while looking at the camera.

3) No selfies.

Clients and agencies don’t take selfies seriously, so avoid them. You can use these for your social media account but not for online modeling profile.

4) No group shots please.

Group shots are confusing, think about it, it’s difficult when you see a group picture and you are trying to identify someone you don’t know. Put yourself in the client’s shoes, they just won’t know who are you, thus they will discard you. Just try to upload pictures of yourself and specially the ones that look more professional.

5) Night photos.

Night photos are not good for online modeling profile. The reason is obvious: it’s not easy to see exactly how you’ll look in a photo shoot. The reason if this is the light is too low, thus you’ll lose important elements of the photos. Sun light and also studio lighting is the way to go.

6) Polaroids.

This one is considered an industry standard. Agents and photographers use them to analyze the way you look with no makeup. Take these having a plain wall as background, do what is called “neutral face and a pose” in the modeling industry.

7) Profile and Instagram connection.

Connecting your Instagram with your profile is a good idea. It shows the daily live of a model. Everyone enjoys checking out models on Instagram, this is an industry trend, so make sure you take advantage of it.