Has The World Witnessed The Greatest Inventions Yet?

I was kind of confused about ‘Mother’s day’, like how many mother’s day do we celebrate in a year? I’m sure only one Father’s day exists so I decided to Google the information.

The other day, it was democracy day May 29th and I was like Google, remind me of Nigeria’s independence day.

Speaking of Google, I’m sure those guys must have set goals like:

  • To ensure no other search engine exists by year 2020.
  • To ensure nobody uses the term ‘brain’ by 2020
  • To ensure no other IT company has a name by 2020

As at 2008‎, other search engines still somehow existed in our minds like; Devilfinder, Ask.com, Yahoo search, Bing, Technocrati, Dogpile etc. now I had to Google other search engines to get the information.

Right now if you have anything going on in your mind that requires a logical explanation we use Google, sometimes we even trust Google to give us answers over Doctors, yes! Not talking about self-medication, I mean you already got a prescription from a doctor and you Google it to be sure the drugs are safe.

What some people might not even know is that Google might be wrong, this is because Google fetches data from related articles on the internet and if the source is not verified the information received could be wrong.

Most research projects are based on results sourced from the Internet (Google), thereby leaving little or no room for novel methodologies. But if we take a close look at life when there was no Google or search engines in general and the present, has the world fared better?

Have we been innovative enough to invent or what we have been witnessing is just mere recycling. Has there been any invention since the dawn of the 21st century? And will the world witness any ground-breaking inventions?

According to Time’s best innovations of 2015, innovations like the Hoverboard and Underground park are very unique but when compared with EDinformatic’s greatest inventions of all time you will notice that nothing in the 2000’s rank on the list where we have inventions like the X-ray, Rader, cloning, even the toothbrush and chewing gum.

Guess we just have to wait, after all we are only 16 years into the 21st century. But I doubt if there will ever be any invention that will rank above inventions like Thomas Alva Edison’s (1879) light bulb.