My Mother Bought A Walker

It was a phone call I expected.

It was always going to come.

Let me take you back 12 months first though…

Last February my mother fell over and at 82 it was not a pleasant experience for both of us.

She got over it, not sure if I have, but she was up and walking around within 72 hours.

This little tipple also tripped her mind.

One day she entered her local chemist and saw a walker. One of those four-wheeled, seated vehicles you push and walk behind.

She just had to have it. It was a serendipity purchase. She wanted one, she was there, she bought.

Now the one she bought helped with her mobility but only just because…

It was too big.

It had 8″ wheels and large handle bars which meant her 5′ frame was too tiny. This mammoth of a contraption would have done a sumo wrestler proud but not my mother.

She didn’t seem to care. The walker was taken everywhere she could go except to the Pokies.

Seemed no taxi driver could take her walker and her friend’s walker in the same cab. There was not enough room for both. So my mother being the person she is left hers at home.

This in its own right caused problems as my mother shuffled around the Pokies looking for a ‘magic’ machine to play.

This all went well for many months until the phone call I received last week.

“Can you come and help me buy a new walker?” I heard. “This walker is too big for me and I need a new one.”

My response…

“Really? “Whatever gave you that opinion?” – (Caring son, aren’t I.)

Now what I have learned over the years is never to be sarcastic to my mother because most times she doesn’t get it.

What happened next amazed me.

She started to rattle off all the things wrong with the walker.

I had to stop her and quickly say, “Yes, I will be there tomorrow.”

Well tomorrow came and after a decent search on the internet I found a shop near her that sells mobility equipment.

So here is a Lesson for you.

Have an online presence. There are people like me looking for stuff they know nothing about.

I picked up Mother #1 and we drove the few kilometres from her Unit. There is never a dull moment when I take my mother for a drive in the car.

I am now a captured audience and it’s my duty to listen to everything going on in my mother’s world. I haven’t met half the people she talks about but I do know them – if you get my drift.

We arrived at the shop and was met by a lovely lady. She greeted us with a warm and friendly welcome which took me back 40 years. Whatever happened to good ol’ customer service.

Another Lesson:

Greet your customers as people and not a meal ticket.

After scouring the walkers and trying many out, my mother grinned and said, “I don’t know which one to choose.”

As a loving son I naturally said, “Let’s take them all. Then you can have one for each day.”

Her response…

“Don’t be stupid, if I have to take one it would be this one!” (My job was done).

As I loaded the prized-selected walker into the boot of my car, the lovely lady shop owner came out into the carpark and said this…

“Bye Mrs Joan Johansen. You make sure you have a wonderful day.”

Both mother #1 and myself smiled as knew we had visited the right store.

The final Lesson today…

Even when you have banked their money they are still a customer. After all, they have friends and meet people who will comment on their new purchase.

I am bound to receive another phone call from mother soon, I can tell.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Need a help getting the right message out to your customers.

You know where I am.

Believe In Yourself.