Organize Business Meetings With Ease

Organizing a business meeting can be a challenging and overwhelming task. Sometimes meetings can not come to fruition without a certain number of registered attendees, or other times attendees are running late, and would benefit from a efficient registration. Current technology makes it possible to organize a business meeting without the hassle and headache of manual registration and confirmation-removing human error from the equation.


When trying to organize a meeting with businessmen and women, efficacy is key. This technology allows those who are invited to the event to receive their information all in one, easy to read email-saving time for attendees who are busier than the average person.


Guests can be invited, registered, view the business schedule, learn who is speaking, and see photos of the venue, or previous event-all in the same place, at the same time. By making registration simple and easy to use, potential clients and current partners and employees, can save time, and money.


Once the needed or maximum number of attendees have registered for the event, a waiting list can be created as needed. This technology will notify people on the waiting list when a space has opened up in the event, completely eliminating that this need be done by an employee.


Through the created contact list and database, users can be notified that their registration has gone through, allowing them to print or retain their confirmation code. Once they have arrived at the event, attendees can expedite their registration process by using an identification scanner to collect and confirm data. Attendees will dip or swipe their photo ID card and get verified immediately-proving that they are the correct attendee to match the registration code. An official event ID card will be printed for each member, allowing them to be easily identified at the business meeting. This allows for attendees to be designated for certain areas, seminars, and workshops.

Barcodes and RFID Tags:

On each identification card, businesses or organizations will have the capability to print barcodes or RFID tags. Barcodes can be printed in 1D or 2D to expedite scanning and accurate data collection when entering or exiting an event. RFID tags can also be printed on the ID badge, and are the preferred method in crowded or busy business meetings or events, due to their lightening fast data collection capabilities.

Printing an ID Badge:

When organizing a business meeting with a large volume of attendees, it is important to have multiple printers on-site, and near the registration table. Modern ID badges with barcodes can be printed on all printer types-both paper and plastic card printers. However, badges featuring RFID codes must be printed on a compatible RFID printer, such as the Zebra R110xi4 RFID printer.

Regardless of the event, organize business meetings more effectively with a streamlined registration, data collection, and thus identification process at your event. Doing so will ensure a safe environment with only invited guests, partners, and members.